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For show notes to this episode, please visit www.quiltingfortherestofus.com.

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For show notes to this episode, please visit www.quiltingfortherestofus.com.

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In this episode, I remind you of the upcoming Banned Books Week Challenge and give a brief  update about my guild's response to the challenge, and I officially (podcast-wise) announce the Scrapitude Mystery Quilt that has already been announced on my blog and in Twitter.

Links in this episode:
Modern Scrap Quilts pinboard on Pinterest
"Seamly Stitching" (My guild's embroidery stitches-of-the-month program): http://quiltingrevolution.blogspot.it/2013/09/seamly-stitching-part-1.html

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This episode is a mystery. Yep--I look back on my experience doing a mystery quilt. I also announce winners of the 2013 Quilty Resolutions Giveaway, seek input for an upcoming episode, have a very short creative bytes and Sandy Update, and spend just a little time with listener comments.

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Turns out AJ and I were taking the same Craftsy class at the same time! So I thought it would be fun for the two of us to talk, compare notes, and make suggestions of things we had learned along the way. Also included: Listener Feedback, Announcements, and a little bit of a Sandy Update.

In this episode:

AJ's blog post on her Stitch n' Slash finish: http://iknitnquilt2.blogspot.com/2012/07/too-many-projects.html

And her blog post on her Stupendous Stitching and BOM finishes: http://iknitnquilt2.blogspot.com/2012/07/happy-4th-of-july.html

My blog post with my Stitch n' Slash finish: http://quiltingfortherestofus.blogspot.com/2012/09/finally-finish.html

Stitch n' Slash on Craftsy: http://www.craftsy.com/class/Stitch-and-Slash/68

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Charlotte's back! Woot woot! You may recall meeting Charlotte Hawkes, the scrap quilter from my guild, from episode 51 In Which We Get Scrappy Again. Some of you asked for more detail, so I invited myself over to her house and set up cameras and all sorts of equipment to go step-by-step through her process. As I mention in the episode, the originally-planned video episode didn't quite work out, so after listening to this audio podcast, please go to my blog for pictures of her system and her quilts. Educational, and eye-candy to boot!

Also mentioned in this episode: Amherst Museum Quilt Guild's 2012 Seminar. Information at www.amqg.org.

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On June 5, 2011, the fate of the world hung in balance while hordes of hexagons battled the earth.... The Attack of The Hexagons. In Technicolor.

Yes, folks, it's the hexie episode. Jaye of www.artquiltmaker.com (and http://artquiltmaker.com/blog) has convinced me--and Pam of Hip to Be a Square podcast--to take on the hexie challenge. We're inviting you to wander along the yellow hexie road with us to Oz. Or, at least, to join us in our hexie adventures and hopefully actually finish the dang quilt. In this episode I describe how this all came about, exactly what we mean--and don't mean--about doing this as a quilt-along, and some things I've already learned about working with hexies along the way. By that, I mean, doing math.



Here are the fabrics I'll be using--or, at least, will most likely be using. Or not. Maybe take some out, add others...it's still in progress. But the basic color scheme will say the same.

My hexies will be about 5" finished, I think. I might have to try a few with scraps to see if that's a size I can live with for a long time to come.


Mentioned in this episode:

Jaye's initial blog entry about hexagons that ultimately got me involved. (Note that this blog entry also has links to other photos and design possibilities.)

Little Bluebell's blog entry with information and the Kaye Wood cutting technique video link.



Clearview 60 degree Triangle Ruler with no blunted tip' (Mine's the 10" size, they're available in other sizes.) And don't just trash the packaging--there's ideas on that too.

I also picked up the Fons and Porter templates in case I want to use them to double check the accuracy of my hexies cut the Kaye Wood way, or if I want to make hexies out of scraps.

I also mentioned Sandy's blog at "Quilting and More" in which she talked me into buying the pattern and hardware kit for making hanging name badge bags. It's a nice kit, and she speaks highly of it!

Don't forget to post photos of your own hexies as finished products or WIPs (or UFOs--maybe this can be your inspiration to finish them!) to the Quilting...for the Rest of Us Flickr group! (You'll need to have a Flickr account to post--it's free and easy to set up. Join us!)

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IMG_0786.jpgCharlotte Hawkes is our local Queen of Scrap Quilts. A quilter for 10 years, Charlotte's very first quilt was scrappy and she never looked back. In this episode, I interview Charlotte about her system for cutting and saving scraps, choosing quilts, and keeping track of all the projects she's got going on at once. I got a lot of great ideas from her, and I'm sure you will too!

I haven't been able to dig up a picture of the blue and white quilt she made that I referenced in the episode yet, but here is one of Charlotte with one of her more recent scrap projects.

Also in this episode: Sandy Update, Listener Comments, and many, many thanks!

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(Still no theme song due to computer issues. Sorry! Just hum yourself a few bars....) Welcome to my podcast birthday episode! Woohoo! In this episode, I respond to Kris' question about the difference between "quilt shop quality" fabric and "discount store" fabric. I also announce my podcast birthday give-away!

Mentioned in this episode:

Jera's sachet tutorial at Quilting in the Rain

Jim Salinas' article, "The Difference between Chain Store Fabric and Quilter's Grade Fabric," at Cat's Quilt Art blog.

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I really want to get better at using my scraps, so I decided to do some research on scraps and scrap quilts. I found so much, though, that I'm having to use two episodes to cover it! So, in this first episode, after doing some catching up with listener comments and contributions, I share with you my experience, my research, and some listener suggestions, as we talk about a glossary of scrap-related terms, a little history of scrap quilting, how to collect scraps, getting yourself used to doing scrap quilts, what the best sizes are to cut your scraps into, and a little bit about storing and organizing scraps. (In episode 8, I'll share ideas for using your scraps!)

Links to things I reference in this episode:

Silly Chick Designs podcast and blog: http://sillychickdesigns.blogspot.com (and iTunes)

Bonnie Hunter's Scrapusers system

Scrap Therapy

(See http://quiltingfortherestofus.blogspot.com for more information and additional links.)

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