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It's that time of year! Whether or not you like making New Year's Resolutions, setting goals for ourselves at any time can help motivate and focus us on growing as quilters. In this episode, I give some tips for making goals (or resolutions) that are useful and may actually be able to be kept!

If you want to check out the website I got some background material from, visit www.topachievement.com.

Congratulations to Carolyn A--the winner of the holiday challenge drawing! Woop Woop!

I put the call out for about five volunteers who are experienced in applique--any method, machine or hand. Let me know if you're willing to be part of a panel discussion for an upcoming episode.

I've also launched TWO new challenges! Check out the Challenge tab at the top of this page for the stash mystery challenge, and check out the Resolution tab for the resolution challenge (that's not really a challenge, rather, another motivational-type thing).

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